Instructor of the Month



It’s August, the heat is bearing down on Florida and it’s prime time beach season. One man has the motivation to stick through the 90 degree weather and assist his students in completing their flight ratings, all while battling the heat. His name is Jason Hoffman and he is Epic’s instructor of the month for August 2012. 

He is described by his peers as a very hard worker, always able to lend a helping hand for students, very reliable, flexible and passionate about his work. He has a very professional attitude and enjoys getting to know his students and fellow flight instructors. Jason recently completed one of his student’s instrument rating in two weeks, as well as another private pilot student in six weeks, about half the average time it takes to complete these ratings. 

In his spare time Jason enjoys flying, reading non-fiction books, history books, running, and volunteering in his community. Jason’s ultimate goal for his flying career is to become a part 135 cargo pilot flying for Fed-Ex or UPS.

Jason embodies the culture at Epic Flight Academy, a professional attitude, with a strong passion for aviation and flight training. Epic is pleased to announce Jason Hoffman as flight instructor of the month for August 2012. 


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