Commercial Airline Pilot Career Flight Training Program with Epic Flight Academy

Commercial Pilot Career and Commercial Airline Pilot Job Placement


US Flight School, Epic Flight Academy, Joins ExpressJet’s “Airline Pilot Pathway Program(AP3)” for New Pilot Career Placement.

Epic Flight Academy Announces Latest Deal With ExpressJet, Takes Part in Pilot Career Placement Program for New Flight School Graduates.

ExpressJet, a US Regional Airline, has recently welcomed Epic Flight Academy to their new and exclusive airline pilot placement program (AP3). The AP3 program is Expressjet’s latest pilot career placement program that allows newly graduated multi-engine rated CPL pilots the opportunity to work as a first officer on board their latest line of CRJ and ERJ aircraft, along with a possible interview with Delta Airlines after the pilot has met all ATPL requirements. The AP3 program is only offered by ExpressJet to highly accredited aviation colleges, aerospace universities, and established FAA certified flight schools that have rigorous pilot training standards and impeccable flight safety records.

Commercial Airline Pilot Requirements Needed to Work at ExpressJet

As listed on and according to ExpressJet’s website, are the following employment requirements needed by newly graduated pilots-

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Must be a current commercial pilot license / MEL certificate holder.
  • Passed the (IR) Instrument rating course.
  • Have a FCC radio license.
  • Pilot holds a CFI, CFII, MEI.
  • Flight Experience and flight hours varies on a per pilot basis, ranging from a minimum of 750 hours all the way up to 1250 hours. The pilot will also need to have a minimum of 100 flight hours flown in the past 12 months unless they are a military pilot, type rated in a corporate jet, or have 121 experience.
  • Preference given to pilots that have graduated from an accredited four year aviation college.
  • Hold a FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • Be able to pass a complete reference and background check – criminal, fingerprints, Driving history, DOT background, references.
  • Must be able to legally work within the United States.
  • No excessive check ride failures

Commercial Pilot Flight School

how to choose a commercial flight school

commercial pilot career program

Epic Flight Academy is a 15 year veteran US flight school in Florida that has successfully trained thousands of pilots from all across the globe. They operate one of the most rigid, rigorous, and comprehensive US flight schools for aspiring pilots, offering over 40+ state of the art aircraft for pilots to train in, a large number of highly qualified certified flight instructors that are almost always available to assist with logging FAA required flight training hours, and located at one of the best locations for a flight school to operate from- KEVB Municipal Airport A.K.A.- Jack Bolt in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. (Close to the beach!)

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how to choose a flight school

Commercial flight school


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