Pilot Careers

Pilot Jobs and Pilot Career Opportunities

When most people think about becoming a professional pilot, the first thought that probably comes to mind for them in terms of a pilot career would be as a major airline transport pilot. Although this is the most common career path most pilots take, many pilots do not take into consideration that there are a large number of pilot jobs and pilot careers available for professional and properly certified pilots. We have taken the time to write down a brief list of some of the most popular pilot jobs and pilot careers.

Here is a quick list of popular pilot careers-

– Major Airline Pilot
– Regional Airline pilot
– Executive/Corporate Pilot
– Charter Pilot
– Banner Towing Pilot
– AG Pilot or Crop Duster
– Military Pilot
– Medical Pilot
– Fire fighter pilot
– Stunt Pilot
– Race Pilot
– Certified Flight Instructor

There are many career paths and options available for pilots, the choice is up to you to decide what type of pilot you want to be as this will allow you to understand all of the different criteria involved in getting the specific type of pilot license you need for the pilot career path you choose. Some pilot career paths may only require a private pilot license (PPL), other may require a commercial pilot license (CPL), and others may require an airline transport pilot license(ATP).

Click here to find out more about different types of pilot careers and pilot jobs

About Our International Flight School-
Epic Flight Academy, established in 1999, is an international pilot training institution that has successfully graduated thousands of new and existing pilots from there accredited flight training school. They operate over 40+ state of the art training aircraft, have over 30 plus certified flight instructors, a clean safety record, and operates out of a municipal airport located by the beach in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

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