Student Pilot Solo Flight With Jose Jarrin at Epic Flight Academy

Jose Jarrin

One of Epic Flight Academy’s  student pilots just completed their first solo flight.

Congratulations Jose Jarri on successfully executing your first student pilot solo flight!

Jose Jarrin SOLO Flight


Jose Jarrin is seen in this picture with his flight instructor- Michael Bednaz

Date- 12-12-2014


First Student Pilot SOLO Flight With Ronald Otieno

Student Pilot Solo Flight

Congratulations Ronald on successfully completing your very first solo flight as a student pilot!

Keep up the great work!

Ronald Otieno student pilot solo flight


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Juan Torres First Solo Flight

Juan Torres

Juan Torres First Student Pilot Solo Flight

Juan Torres SOLO Steven Campbell

Congratulations Juan on completing your first solo flight as a student pilot!

Keep up the great work!

Juan took this picture with his certified flight instructor Steven Campbell immediately after landing from his SOLO flight.


Flight: First student pilot solo flight

First SOLO Flight With Herberto Souza

First SOLO Flight With Herberto Souza

Herberto Souza SOLO Laura Hagan 12102014

Excellent job Heberto on completing your very first solo flight!

Keep working hard and you will have your private pilot  license before you know it.

Heberto is seen in this picture with his certified flight instructor Laura Hagan.

Date: 12-01-2014

Flight: First SOLO Flight As A Student Pilot

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Drone Pilot Licenses? Regulation of Civilian Drone Pilots and Commercial Drone Pilots

Should Recreational, Civilian, and Commercial Drone Pilots Be Regulated?

With all of the recent media attention pertaining to drone pilots and the safety issues that arise from sharing airspace with real people flying in airplanes and jets, the powers that be are trying to find ways to regulate drone use for recreational and commercial purposes to make it safer for everyone.

One of the better ideas that the “authorities” have is to simply require that all drone pilots obtain a FAA pilot license to be able to operate their drones within specific limits of airspace. As we all know, a vast number of drone operators will NOT abide by any new rules, along with some irresponsible drone operators that will still go ahead with flying wherever they please without any concern for anyone else but themselves(civilians, businesses, and authorities).

What do you think the FAA and other governing aviation and government authorities should do to regulate drones to protect passenger carrying aircraft and the people that fly in them?

Problems, Common Complaints, and Concerns with Regulation

At the end of the day drone pilots are not in the air while operating their drones, putting everyone else at risk that is physically flying in a real aircraft, which creates the predicament that human life is far more important than a drone or someone flying a drone around just for their own amusement or any another reason for that matter.

Constitutional rights violations?

To much money to enact regulation and enforcement systems?

Assuming legislation passes for regulation, the costs associated with registering the drone and getting a drone pilot license?

As we now have civilian drones, commercial drones, and institutional drones sharing airspace with other aircraft, along with big companies like Amazon and Google working on getting legislation passed for using drones as delivery bots, we should all be very leery of what we allow to fly around in our civilian airspace. Unfortunately we are already experiencing institutions and governments using these systems to monitor a wide array of civilian airspace, If that’s was not enough, now we have to deal with airborne peeping Tom drones, drones crashes, drones falling from the sky, drone accidents, drones colliding with real aircraft, loss of lives, less privacy, and now with Amazon and Google on board, we will have to watch out for falling packages too, etc, etc.

As anyone with a half a brain can see, drones do have their uses, but it appears that the con’s are far outweighing the benefits for civilians, pilots, and our privacy.

Please feel free to vote, and leave your “tasteful” thoughts and comments below on different possibilities of what can be done to regulate the drone and drone pilot industry…


NEW Instrument Rating Pilot School Graduate Đức Ngô Trung

Epic Flight Academy’s Latest IR student pilot graduate-  Đức Ngô Trung

Đức Ngô Trung IR pilot school grad

Congratulations Đức Ngô Trung on completing the FAA instrument rating course and receiving your FAA instrument rating certificate. Excellent work !

Đức Ngô Trung is seen in this picture with his CFI- Hall Maskiell


Type of Pilot License: FAA Instrument Rating Certificate

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CPL Pilot School Graduate Camilo Ladino Frohlich

New Commercial Pilot School Graduate Camilo Ladino Frohlich

Camilo Ladino Frohlich CPL

Date: 10/10/2014

Flight: FAA Commercial Pilot License Certificate

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