New Commercial Pilot School Graduate Katherine Odell

New FAA CPL Certificate Holder- Katherine Odell

commercial pilot school graduate Katherine Odell

Congratulations to one of our latest Commercial Pilot School Graduate’s, Katherine Odell.

Great job Katherine on finishing your CPL training and ultimately receiving your official FAA commercial pilot certificate.


Katherine is seen in this picture with her certified flight instructor(CFI) – Dwayne Quick

Date- 12-13-2014

Pilot License – FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate

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New Instrument Rated Pilot Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

Congratulations Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

New IR Pilot Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

Harintsoa just graduated from Epic Flight Academy with her instrument rating certificate, passed her FAA exams, check ride, and received her official FAA IR pilot certificate.

Great job Harintsoa, keep up the great work!

Harintsoa is seen in this picture with her certified flight instructor Dwayne Quick

Date: 12-15-2014

Flight: Instrument Rating Pilot Certificate

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Congratulations Brayan Herrera Valencia- New Instrument Rated Pilot

IR Pilot Brayan Herrera Valencia

Brayan Herrera Valencia IR pilot


New Instrument Rated Pilot School Graduate- 

Excellent job Brayan on completing your instrument rating pilot training course, FAA IR exam, and FAA IR check ride…

Brayan took this picture with his certified flight instructor Gabriel Romero…

Read more about Brayan here-

Date – 12-04-2014

Pilot License – FAA Pilot Instrument Rating

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New PPL Pilot School Graduate- Jonathan Hernandez

New PPL Pilot School Graduate- Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez private pilot school graduate

Congratulations Jonathan Hernandez On Your recent Accomplishment of Graduating from Our Accredited Flight School with Your FAA Private Pilot Certificate!

Jonathan is seen in this photograph with his flight instructor Sean Murphy

Date: 12-2-2014

The King’s Private Jets Head To Auction Block

The King’s Private Jets Head To Auction Block

Elvis presley jet- the Lisa MarieElvis presley jet the houndog 2

Elvis Presley’s Two Private Jets, the Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog 2”, Up For Sealed Bid Auction, Deadline Feb 2nd, 2015.

Are you a fan of Elvis Presley? If you are a fan and are reading this story, you are more than likely an aviation enthusiast as well. You may be shocked to hear that Graceland, the home of the Elvis Presley Museum. Graceland is also the host of the King of Rock n Rolls to private jets, the Lisa Marie and the Hounddog 2. The Lisa Marie was named after the King’s daughter and is a Convair 880, and the Houndgdog 2, is a Lockheed Jetstar. As Graceland’s owners have decided not to renew the joint venture agreement with the owner of the King’s two private jets, the aircraft will now have to be removed from Graceland no later than April, 2015.

The owners of Elvis Presley’s two jets have ultimately decided to put the aircraft up for auction through the prominent entertainment and celebrity memorabilia auction service, Julien’s Auction.

Elvis Presley’s jets are still on display at Graceland, with a special sealed bid auction beginning on Friday, January 2, 2015 and running through to Monday, February 2, 2015, 5 PM E.S.T.

As this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the owners have opted for the sealed bid auction format as it will give anyone interested in owning one of these pieces of Rock and Roll history, a chance to bid to their heart’s content. As it is a sealed bid auction, no other bidder will ever know any of the others bidders bids, further adding to the suspense and thrill to the possibility of owning one of these exquisite jets owned and flown in by the King himself.

The winning bidder of this extremely rare and exclusive auction will be notified up to 30 days after the closing of the auction. Keep in mind there will probably be hundreds of thousands of bids submitted by people from all over the world, some may even bid multiple times, so please be patient.

For more information on how you can place a bid on Elvis Presley’s two private jets, please visit-

Drone Pilot Licenses? Regulation of Civilian Drone Pilots and Commercial Drone Pilots

Should Recreational, Civilian, and Commercial Drone Pilots Be Regulated?

With all of the recent media attention pertaining to drone pilots and the safety issues that arise from sharing airspace with real people flying in airplanes and jets, the powers that be are trying to find ways to regulate drone use for recreational and commercial purposes to make it safer for everyone.

One of the better ideas that the “authorities” have is to simply require that all drone pilots obtain a FAA pilot license to be able to operate their drones within specific limits of airspace. As we all know, a vast number of drone operators will NOT abide by any new rules, along with some irresponsible drone operators that will still go ahead with flying wherever they please without any concern for anyone else but themselves(civilians, businesses, and authorities).

What do you think the FAA and other governing aviation and government authorities should do to regulate drones to protect passenger carrying aircraft and the people that fly in them?

Problems, Common Complaints, and Concerns with Regulation

At the end of the day drone pilots are not in the air while operating their drones, putting everyone else at risk that is physically flying in a real aircraft, which creates the predicament that human life is far more important than a drone or someone flying a drone around just for their own amusement or any another reason for that matter.

Constitutional rights violations?

To much money to enact regulation and enforcement systems?

Assuming legislation passes for regulation, the costs associated with registering the drone and getting a drone pilot license?

As we now have civilian drones, commercial drones, and institutional drones sharing airspace with other aircraft, along with big companies like Amazon and Google working on getting legislation passed for using drones as delivery bots, we should all be very leery of what we allow to fly around in our civilian airspace. Unfortunately we are already experiencing institutions and governments using these systems to monitor a wide array of civilian airspace, If that’s was not enough, now we have to deal with airborne peeping Tom drones, drones crashes, drones falling from the sky, drone accidents, drones colliding with real aircraft, loss of lives, less privacy, and now with Amazon and Google on board, we will have to watch out for falling packages too, etc, etc.

As anyone with a half a brain can see, drones do have their uses, but it appears that the con’s are far outweighing the benefits for civilians, pilots, and our privacy.

Please feel free to vote, and leave your “tasteful” thoughts and comments below on different possibilities of what can be done to regulate the drone and drone pilot industry…


Pilot Careers Vs. Other Professional Careers

Airline Pilot Careers Vs. Other Professions, Occupations, Careers-

become a pilot

Why a pilot career can prove to be a wise career choice when compared to other major professional occupations such as a doctor, lawyer, or dentist. General comparisons of education costs and expenses, length of school and training, to time frames in school and/or training before able to actually work as a paid professional…

Promising news for aspiring commercial pilots and ATP pilots. As their has and will always be negative media attention on airlines, pilot careers, and pilot pay, the actual facts of the matter can actually attract some positive attention to those interested in starting a professional pilot career.

What aspiring pilots need to understand is that commercial and ATP pilots do make decent money if they can stick with it for 5,10,15 years with the same airline or are fortunate to transfer to one that accepts pilot transfers without starting all over from the bottom of the pilot pool. In comparison to any other decent paying occupation, traditionally you would need to graduate from college with either a 4,8,12 year degree(s) to make over $100,000 per year.

With becoming a commercial pilot or ATP pilot , you can very well complete all of your pilot training in a matter of 2- 3 years if motivated, of which, half of that time you could be working as a certified flight instructor gaining additional flight hours towards your ATP certificate while receiving payment for training new pilots.

Pilots at major airlines receive upwards of $200k+ per year for flying big jumbo jets, are restricted to the amount of flight time they can work per week/per month, and they also receive numerous other benefits and perks. The problem is being able to work with an airline for that long in hopes that the airline does not re-structure, merge, or go under to the dtriment of their pilots. There are a plethora of extenuating circumstances that numerous pilots have to endure in terms of “negatives” of the aviation industry, but is this not very similar to any other occupation? Doctors?, Lawyers?, Dentists?

How long do these types of professionals go to school for before they can start working in their fields as licensed professionals?

How much do they make per year while going to school to receive their diplomas?

How much do they make right out of grad school?

As you can see these are examples of “OCCUPATIONS” that typically pay $100k+ per year, but only after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on education within an 4,8, or 12+ year time frame of receiving said education.

Do you see the connections when comparing the pilot career to that of any other major career? There is additional education and training, additional education costs, additional time frames of education and training, the major differences in time frames from training to be be able to work in professions, career supply and demand( there are plenty of doctors, lawyers, and dentists, but the world is in desparate need of qualified pilots), etc.

Not every pilot, doctor, lawyer, or dentist is going to make a gazillion dollars, especially right out of grad school or training. Eventually though, each professional will more than likely end up making a decent amount of money after 10+ years of working in their career. The major difference is the amount of time a pilot has at working in the real world receiving a paycheck while earning more hands on experience years before most other professions are able to do so. Life is what we make of it, largely dependent on the career decisions we make within the industry we want to work in, along with the network of connections we have, current life situations, and the opportunities that may present themselves at any given time within our occupational travels.

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