Drone Pilot Licenses? Regulation of Civilian Drone Pilots and Commercial Drone Pilots

Should Recreational, Civilian, and Commercial Drone Pilots Be Regulated?

With all of the recent media attention pertaining to drone pilots and the safety issues that arise from sharing airspace with real people flying in airplanes and jets, the powers that be are trying to find ways to regulate drone use for recreational and commercial purposes to make it safer for everyone.

One of the better ideas that the “authorities” have is to simply require that all drone pilots obtain a FAA pilot license to be able to operate their drones within specific limits of airspace. As we all know, a vast number of drone operators will NOT abide by any new rules, along with some irresponsible drone operators that will still go ahead with flying wherever they please without any concern for anyone else but themselves(civilians, businesses, and authorities).

What do you think the FAA and other governing aviation and government authorities should do to regulate drones to protect passenger carrying aircraft and the people that fly in them?

Problems, Common Complaints, and Concerns with Regulation

At the end of the day drone pilots are not in the air while operating their drones, putting everyone else at risk that is physically flying in a real aircraft, which creates the predicament that human life is far more important than a drone or someone flying a drone around just for their own amusement or any another reason for that matter.

Constitutional rights violations?

To much money to enact regulation and enforcement systems?

Assuming legislation passes for regulation, the costs associated with registering the drone and getting a drone pilot license?

As we now have civilian drones, commercial drones, and institutional drones sharing airspace with other aircraft, along with big companies like Amazon and Google working on getting legislation passed for using drones as delivery bots, we should all be very leery of what we allow to fly around in our civilian airspace. Unfortunately we are already experiencing institutions and governments using these systems to monitor a wide array of civilian airspace, If that’s was not enough, now we have to deal with airborne peeping Tom drones, drones crashes, drones falling from the sky, drone accidents, drones colliding with real aircraft, loss of lives, less privacy, and now with Amazon and Google on board, we will have to watch out for falling packages too, etc, etc.

As anyone with a half a brain can see, drones do have their uses, but it appears that the con’s are far outweighing the benefits for civilians, pilots, and our privacy.

Please feel free to vote, and leave your “tasteful” thoughts and comments below on different possibilities of what can be done to regulate the drone and drone pilot industry…



Pilot Careers Vs. Other Professional Careers

Airline Pilot Careers Vs. Other Professions, Occupations, Careers-

become a pilot

Why a pilot career can prove to be a wise career choice when compared to other major professional occupations such as a doctor, lawyer, or dentist. General comparisons of education costs and expenses, length of school and training, to time frames in school and/or training before able to actually work as a paid professional…

Promising news for aspiring commercial pilots and ATP pilots. As their has and will always be negative media attention on airlines, pilot careers, and pilot pay, the actual facts of the matter can actually attract some positive attention to those interested in starting a professional pilot career.

What aspiring pilots need to understand is that commercial and ATP pilots do make decent money if they can stick with it for 5,10,15 years with the same airline or are fortunate to transfer to one that accepts pilot transfers without starting all over from the bottom of the pilot pool. In comparison to any other decent paying occupation, traditionally you would need to graduate from college with either a 4,8,12 year degree(s) to make over $100,000 per year.

With becoming a commercial pilot or ATP pilot , you can very well complete all of your pilot training in a matter of 2- 3 years if motivated, of which, half of that time you could be working as a certified flight instructor gaining additional flight hours towards your ATP certificate while receiving payment for training new pilots.

Pilots at major airlines receive upwards of $200k+ per year for flying big jumbo jets, are restricted to the amount of flight time they can work per week/per month, and they also receive numerous other benefits and perks. The problem is being able to work with an airline for that long in hopes that the airline does not re-structure, merge, or go under to the dtriment of their pilots. There are a plethora of extenuating circumstances that numerous pilots have to endure in terms of “negatives” of the aviation industry, but is this not very similar to any other occupation? Doctors?, Lawyers?, Dentists?

How long do these types of professionals go to school for before they can start working in their fields as licensed professionals?

How much do they make per year while going to school to receive their diplomas?

How much do they make right out of grad school?

As you can see these are examples of “OCCUPATIONS” that typically pay $100k+ per year, but only after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on education within an 4,8, or 12+ year time frame of receiving said education.

Do you see the connections when comparing the pilot career to that of any other major career? There is additional education and training, additional education costs, additional time frames of education and training, the major differences in time frames from training to be be able to work in professions, career supply and demand( there are plenty of doctors, lawyers, and dentists, but the world is in desparate need of qualified pilots), etc.

Not every pilot, doctor, lawyer, or dentist is going to make a gazillion dollars, especially right out of grad school or training. Eventually though, each professional will more than likely end up making a decent amount of money after 10+ years of working in their career. The major difference is the amount of time a pilot has at working in the real world receiving a paycheck while earning more hands on experience years before most other professions are able to do so. Life is what we make of it, largely dependent on the career decisions we make within the industry we want to work in, along with the network of connections we have, current life situations, and the opportunities that may present themselves at any given time within our occupational travels.

Read more about the many different types of pilot careers

Interested in Starting an Exciting Career as a Professional Commercial Pilot?

Contact our our 15 year veteran, FAA accredited, international flight school today to get started with your pilot career!

pilot careers

Epic Flight Academy, an international flight school that has been training pilots all over the world for over 15 years. Specializing in accelerated pilot training programs for private pilot licenses (PPL), commercial pilot licenses (CPL), and airline transport pilot licenses (ATP). Epic Flight Academy offers – FAA, EASA, DGCA and CAAV approved courses, FAA approved part 141 and 61 pilot training courses, commercial airline skills development courses, has over 30 FAA certified flight instructors on staff, 40+ state of the art single and multi engine aircraft, and an impeccable first class safety record.


Interested in becoming a pilot? Let our FAA accredited flight school get you prepared for your professional pilot career today!

Flight School Scams

Want To Become a Pilot? Beware Flight School Scams!

flight school scams

Going to flight school to become a pilot can be one of the best experiences in a person’s lifetime, that is of course, so long as you find a reputable, honest, established, and accredited FAA approved flight training institution.

If you have been considering going to flight school to become a pilot, you need to understand that there are many flight schools and aviation academy’s that operate “shady” businesses. These unscrupulous flight schools use a wide range of deceptive business practices to prey on unsuspecting people interested in going to flight school to receive their FAA pilot certificate.

Common Flight School Scams-

1- Contract Inflation, Hidden charges– This is the most basic and lowest type of flight school fraud if that’s what you even what to call it. A lot of flight schools will end up over billing or adding additional billing items to your final tuition costs for items, classes, services that were not included in your original tuition bill or agreement, sometimes this is an accident and sometimes it is intentional. Most of the time a student pilot can simply reduce their chances of going to a sub standard flight school by conducting a little research on the flight school itself. Read reviews, check FAA cand business credentials, take a tour of the pilot training facilities, check out the aircraft, meet the CFI’s, and ask the proper questions to find out exactly what is included and what is not included in the main flight school tuition fees.

2- Flight School Student Loans- Paying for flight school with a student loan is not necessarily a bad idea so long as you have done your research on the flight school you want to attend along with the student loan company that you plan on using. If everything checks out and you receive a good student loan package and rate, go for it! Just be aware of smaller, lesser known student loan companies and predatory financial institutions.

3- Upfront Payment/Deposit Stealing- This type of fraud is nothing new in terms of how it works. Basically, a student puts down a cash deposit towards their flight training with a supposed flight school or individual certified flight instructor. The flight school or certified flight instructor then simply disappears with the student pilot(s) money, never to be heard from again.

4- New School Opens, Then Closes Months Later- This type of pilot school fraud is similar to the example in number 3, it is just a little more of an elaborate drawn out process. A flight school that appears to be established- has a training facility, several pilot training aircraft, a flight simulator, office and classes, a couple instructors, and some student pilots. The flight school reaches a certain threshold of students and their deposits or complete tuition payments. The flight school remains in operation for a short amount of time and then proceeds to take all of the new student pilot tuition deposits and payments, and then proceeds to close down the business. What is even more frustrating is that shortly after the scam flight school steals everyone’s money and closes, shortly thereafter, another pilot academy opens right back up under a new name and under “different” ownership.

5- Federal Student Loan and GI Bill fraud- This type of flight school scam involves the flight school administrators over-leveraging the federal student loan program and GI Bill program for military veterans. Read about this type of flight school scam that involved the flight school owners and employees being enrolled in their own flight school just to keep GI Bill required student attendance ratio to veteran student ratio compliant as to receive federal VA flight school funding  http://dcourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubsectionID=1&ArticleID=122518

6- Immigration / US Visa Fraud- This type of fraud involves the flight school owners using “doctored” US visa papers (usually involving Form I-20) to entice international students to sign up and send deposits that they will never see again. Sometimes this practice is used on student pilots in country that need to extend their stay for flight training or are the US Visa is used as a means of threatening student pilots to pay more for additional random ”surcharges”, as the flight school can have the student’s visa rejected at any time.

Read more about immigration fraud and flight school scams in the news- http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/05/25/ice-busts-flight-school-massive-visa-fraud-scheme/

7- Insurance Scam Scare Tactics- All legitimate and established flight schools in the USA have to carry some sort of business insurance and usually aircraft insurance as well. The way this scam works is if a student pilot breaks something or has a small accident, the flight school owner will try and make the student pilot pay for any and all damages incurred. The flight school’s insurance company will cover just about any and all damages caused by a student, faculty, staff, etc. This type of scam is usually used on international students by using threats and scare tactics to extort more money out of the student pilot and their families.

8- International Pilot Student Scam- This category is fairly broad and can include some or all of the aforementioned examples listed above. There are a lot of flight schools out there that market specifically to people interested in becoming pilots that are located in countries all over the world. These scandalous flight schools and their admission specialists target and recruit in countries where there is a need for professional commercial pilots as they know that once they get them enrolled, they can start chipping away at the student’s bank accounts and family’s life savings. Once again, international student pilots are usually the ones whom experience the biggest problems as they are not aware of how “everything” works in the US.

Read about one flight school in California that was just recently closed down and left about 30 student pilots without flight training, housing, and US Visa’s-


Go To an Established FAA Flight School-

The purpose of this report was to inform all would be pilots or pilots looking for additional pilot training to be aware of the many different types of fight school scams that are out there. With a little bit of research and use of common sense, most of these students could have saved their money and themselves from falling victim to these scandalous, deceptive, and downright dubious flight training schools and their thieving owner/operators.

As there are several different ways to receive your pilot training- flight school, certified flight instructor, aviation college; the trick is to finding an honest, established, and reputable flight school where they care about how their pilots truly perform while flying- before, during, and after graduating from their flight school’s pilot training programs.

About Our 15 Year Veteran US Flight School-

Our FAA approved, accredited, and accelerated flight school, Epic Flight Academy, trains aspiring pilots from all across the world. We have successfully trained and graduated thousands of student pilots with their- private pilot license, commercial pilot license, certified flight instructor certificates, type ratings, and airline transport pilot training. Our prestigious pilot school offers over 40 state of the art aircraft for pilot training- single engine aircraft and multi-engine aircraft- Cessna’s, Seminole’s, and Diamond DA-42 aircraft. Our FAA commercial flight school has an ample supply of over 30+ multi-rated professional certified flight instructors as to make sure there is no downtime for a student pilot that wants to log additional flight training hours. Epic Flight Academy operates out of the Jack Bolt Municipal Airport in New Smyrna Beach, FL, located just minutes away from the beach.

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IFTE 2014- Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition Event

Epic Flight Academy Hosts Booth B-18 at Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition Event- IFTE 2014

IFTE 2014 Logo

Are you going to the IFTE event in Istanbul Turkey Oct. 17th -18th?

Epic flight academy has recently secured heir event booth at this highly anticipated event for aviation professionals, pilots, aircraft manufacturers, aviation related businesses, pilot training schools, and other related businesses.

As the 2013 IFTE event attracted well over 10,000 plus spectators, industry professionals, and aspiring pilots; the 2014 IFTE event is sure to be an even bigger hit. Under the direct support of the DGCA and related official aviation organizations in Turkey, this year’s IFTE will offer well over 20+ different countries that are being represented by over 120+ aviation related businesses and organizations. There are also 15+ guest speakers scheduled to make presentations and speeches about a large variety of different aviation topics, developments, and advancements.

For more information on the entire schedule for the 2014 IFTE aviation event, please visit the link below-

IFTE 2014 Venue-

The IFTE 2014 is going to be hosted at the WOW Instanbul Convention Center October 17th – Oct. 18th. The WOW convention Center is located within walking distance of the international Ataturk airport for easy access to and from the IFTE 2014 aviation event.

How to get tickets for IFTE 2014-
People whom plan on attending the Instanbul Flight Training Exhibition may register here for ONE FREE ticket.

If you are heading over the Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition, stop by Booth- B18 to say ‘Hi” and to check out our event international commercial flight school booth set up.

Read more about Epic Flight Academy’s Attendance at IFTE 2014 here- http://epicflightacademy.com/epic-flight-academy-to-attend-ifte-2014-instanbul-flight-training-exhibition/

About Our Commercial Flight School-
At Epic Flight Academy we strive for excellence and perfection when it comes to training pilots. Learning to fly and learning how to become a pilot are very serious decisions and should not be taken lightly. Furthermore, deciding on the best option for flight school or aviation college is a very important decision to make after deciding to become a pilot. Our 15 year veteran USA flight school in Florida has successfully graduated thousands of pilots from over 60+ countries and doing so with a clean FAA safety record. We are located in New Smyrna Beach, FL municipal airport, have our own FBO and maintenance facilities, have our own FAA controlled tower, and are right next to the beach!
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Pilot Careers

Pilot Careers

Pilot Jobs and Pilot Career Opportunities

When most people think about becoming a professional pilot, the first thought that probably comes to mind for them in terms of a pilot career would be as a major airline transport pilot. Although this is the most common career path most pilots take, many pilots do not take into consideration that there are a large number of pilot jobs and pilot careers available for professional and properly certified pilots. We have taken the time to write down a brief list of some of the most popular pilot jobs and pilot careers.

Here is a quick list of popular pilot careers-

– Major Airline Pilot
– Regional Airline pilot
– Executive/Corporate Pilot
– Charter Pilot
– Banner Towing Pilot
– AG Pilot or Crop Duster
– Military Pilot
– Medical Pilot
– Fire fighter pilot
– Stunt Pilot
– Race Pilot
– Certified Flight Instructor

There are many career paths and options available for pilots, the choice is up to you to decide what type of pilot you want to be as this will allow you to understand all of the different criteria involved in getting the specific type of pilot license you need for the pilot career path you choose. Some pilot career paths may only require a private pilot license (PPL), other may require a commercial pilot license (CPL), and others may require an airline transport pilot license(ATP).

Click here to find out more about different types of pilot careers and pilot jobs

About Our International Flight School-
Epic Flight Academy, established in 1999, is an international pilot training institution that has successfully graduated thousands of new and existing pilots from there accredited flight training school. They operate over 40+ state of the art training aircraft, have over 30 plus certified flight instructors, a clean safety record, and operates out of a municipal airport located by the beach in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Get started with your pilot career path by enrolling with Epic Flight Academy today!

Commercial Airline Pilot Career Flight Training Program with Epic Flight Academy

Commercial Pilot Career and Commercial Airline Pilot Job Placement


US Flight School, Epic Flight Academy, Joins ExpressJet’s “Airline Pilot Pathway Program(AP3)” for New Pilot Career Placement.

Epic Flight Academy Announces Latest Deal With ExpressJet, Takes Part in Pilot Career Placement Program for New Flight School Graduates.

ExpressJet, a US Regional Airline, has recently welcomed Epic Flight Academy to their new and exclusive airline pilot placement program (AP3). The AP3 program is Expressjet’s latest pilot career placement program that allows newly graduated multi-engine rated CPL pilots the opportunity to work as a first officer on board their latest line of CRJ and ERJ aircraft, along with a possible interview with Delta Airlines after the pilot has met all ATPL requirements. The AP3 program is only offered by ExpressJet to highly accredited aviation colleges, aerospace universities, and established FAA certified flight schools that have rigorous pilot training standards and impeccable flight safety records.

Commercial Airline Pilot Requirements Needed to Work at ExpressJet

As listed on and according to ExpressJet’s website, are the following employment requirements needed by newly graduated pilots-

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Must be a current commercial pilot license / MEL certificate holder.
  • Passed the (IR) Instrument rating course.
  • Have a FCC radio license.
  • Pilot holds a CFI, CFII, MEI.
  • Flight Experience and flight hours varies on a per pilot basis, ranging from a minimum of 750 hours all the way up to 1250 hours. The pilot will also need to have a minimum of 100 flight hours flown in the past 12 months unless they are a military pilot, type rated in a corporate jet, or have 121 experience.
  • Preference given to pilots that have graduated from an accredited four year aviation college.
  • Hold a FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • Be able to pass a complete reference and background check – criminal, fingerprints, Driving history, DOT background, references.
  • Must be able to legally work within the United States.
  • No excessive check ride failures

Commercial Pilot Flight School

how to choose a commercial flight school

commercial pilot career program

Epic Flight Academy is a 15 year veteran US flight school in Florida that has successfully trained thousands of pilots from all across the globe. They operate one of the most rigid, rigorous, and comprehensive US flight schools for aspiring pilots, offering over 40+ state of the art aircraft for pilots to train in, a large number of highly qualified certified flight instructors that are almost always available to assist with logging FAA required flight training hours, and located at one of the best locations for a flight school to operate from- KEVB Municipal Airport A.K.A.- Jack Bolt in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. (Close to the beach!)

Click here to read more about getting a commercial pilot license

how to choose a flight school

Commercial flight school