Indra Pratama – New Commercial Pilot School Graduate

Congratulations Indra Pratama

Indra Pratama CPL graduate

New Commercial Pilot License Holder

Congratulations Indra on completing your commercial pilot training and receiving your official FAA commercial pilot certificate.

Keep persevering towards your dreams !

Date: 12-13-2014

Pilot Certificate: FAA commercial pilot license(CPL)-

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New Commercial Pilot School Graduate Katherine Odell

New FAA CPL Certificate Holder- Katherine Odell

commercial pilot school graduate Katherine Odell

Congratulations to one of our latest Commercial Pilot School Graduate’s, Katherine Odell.

Great job Katherine on finishing your CPL training and ultimately receiving your official FAA commercial pilot certificate.


Katherine is seen in this picture with her certified flight instructor(CFI) – Dwayne Quick

Date- 12-13-2014

Pilot License – FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate

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New Instrument Rated Pilot Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

Congratulations Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

New IR Pilot Harintsoa Ranaivomampianina

Harintsoa just graduated from Epic Flight Academy with her instrument rating certificate, passed her FAA exams, check ride, and received her official FAA IR pilot certificate.

Great job Harintsoa, keep up the great work!

Harintsoa is seen in this picture with her certified flight instructor Dwayne Quick

Date: 12-15-2014

Flight: Instrument Rating Pilot Certificate

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Congratulations Brayan Herrera Valencia- New Instrument Rated Pilot

IR Pilot Brayan Herrera Valencia

Brayan Herrera Valencia IR pilot


New Instrument Rated Pilot School Graduate- 

Excellent job Brayan on completing your instrument rating pilot training course, FAA IR exam, and FAA IR check ride…

Brayan took this picture with his certified flight instructor Gabriel Romero…

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Date – 12-04-2014

Pilot License – FAA Pilot Instrument Rating

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New PPL Pilot School Graduate- Jonathan Hernandez

New PPL Pilot School Graduate- Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez private pilot school graduate

Congratulations Jonathan Hernandez On Your recent Accomplishment of Graduating from Our Accredited Flight School with Your FAA Private Pilot Certificate!

Jonathan is seen in this photograph with his flight instructor Sean Murphy

Date: 12-2-2014

New GA Pilot School Graduate Emmanual Moses

New Private Pilot School Graduate- Emmanual Moses

Emmanual Moses FAA PPL Holder

FAA Private Pilot License

Congratulations Emmanual Moses On Completing Your Private Pilot License Courses ! You are now the proud owner of a FAA private pilot certificate!

Emmanual Moses took a picture with his certified flight instructor, Sean Murphy, immediately after passing his FAA PPL exams and FAA private pilot check ride.

Date: 12-10-2014

Adrian Brochado- New Private Pilot School Graduate

FAA Private Pilot License

Adrian Brochado PPL

Congratulations Adrian Brochado, One of Epic Flight Academy’s Recent Private Pilot School Graduates, On Receiving Your FAA Private Pilot Certificate!

Adrian is seen in this photograph, on 12/10/2014, with his flight instructor Gabriel Romero.

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