New Instrument Rating Student Pilot, Hussam Darwish, Graduates from Flight School

FAA Instrument Rating- Hussam Darwish

New Instrument rating pilot school graduate Hussam Darwish
New Instrument Rating Student Pilot Graduates from Flight School-

Hussam Darwish and his certified flight instructor Steven Campbell, took this photo immediately upon completing his instrument rating check ride.

Date: Nov. 6th, 2014

Flight School Graduate: FAA Instrument Rating Pilot Certificate

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New IR Pilot School Graduate Atilla Turan

Atilla Turan

Congratulations to our latest FAA Instrument Rating Pilot School graduate – Atilla Turan. Atilla Turan IR pilot school graduate Atilla Turan is seen in this picture with his Certified Flight Instructor Steve Clegg. They took this picture immediately upon completing Atilla’s IR checkride. Date: Oct. 24th, 2014 Flight School Graduate: FAA Instrument Rating Click here to see more of our flight school graduates – Instrument Rating Pilot School Graduates

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Student Pilot Solo Flight with Adrian Brocuado

Adrian Brocuado Completes First SOLO Flight  as a Student Pilot with Epic Flight Academy

Adrian Brocuado SOLO Gabriel Romero 1


Adrian Brocuado is seen in this photo with his Certified Flight Instructor- Gabriel Romero

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Date: 11-11-2014

Flight: First SOLO Flight

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